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” Trust What You Wear”

SUNSAIS from 2011 is the first platform specialized of sustainable fashion and organic clothing online store in Spain.

If you have good social and environ-mental values at the same level that you love good design and above of all you like a premium product, this is your place.

  • SUNSAIS with its motto  “Trust what you wear is based on the ideal of respecting all stages of production, labeling and distribution of eco-fashion. Insuring environmental and social criteria in the manufacturing process, creating a sustainable and complet fashion.
  • SUNSAIS share a kind of fashion that goes in line with a lifestyle and way of thinking more in harmony with the surrounding environment.
  • SUNSAIS offer many services as eco-fashion online store, wholesale supplier of fashion brands and eco-organic textils, vocational training or ecofashion events events.


“We are as we dress”



  • To bring closer to you the best brands in sustainable fashion. In a way that you can follow where and how it’s made the chouths you wearing
  • Boost brands awareness  fair trade brands and channels with environmental respect.
  • Foment better consumer habits.





?ou will find underneath three types of identifications we have highlighted in textile brands. Incorporating environmental criteria, offering a totally transparent product..


It refers to the process of obtaining the fibers through organic farming with a certified organic guaranty reflecting the highest quality.


Concentrating on the garments manufacturing process. Establishing toxic waste limits at production with European origin, and hand made process.


It refers to the elaboration process of new garments with the objective to give a new life to materials, unused cloths or remnants. With a hand made elaboration process.


 Some certified guaranty:

certificados de calidad ecologico

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